Commercial Reflectors

EM230 Basemount

EM230 Basemount Ideal for fisheries or fish farms. Factory fitted with optional DOT all round white navigation light, DOT tricolour , Hella LED light or a light or your choice. Shown here with a Sealite SL15
Chosen by the RNLI as best reflector for their fleet of 400 RIB's. After capsize tests and exhaustive sea trials, the Midi recorded 100% paints at 3.8 miles and 80% paints at 5 miles plus in sea state 'fair' although mounted only 2m above sea level. (RORC/ORC recommend 4m above sea level).
All versions available in white, orange, yellow, red, green or black.


Designed where a high response is required but there is a limited amount of space in the buoys top mark.
EM305 BM2 fitted with two stack 313 mm maximum RCS of 63.1M2 and an average of 8.4M2 at +/- 3 degrees of heel
Dimensions length 475mm diameter 333mm
Fixing centers @ 200mm pcd
Fixing holes 4 x12mm female


The EM305PE is a popular high response radar reflector with arobust Polyethylene case and is suitable for large 15 - 20 metres size vessels.
Following a year of sea trials the US Navy SubPac Division Hawaii chose the original EM305 glass fibre cased unit for enhanced visibility upon surfacing for their fleet of Nuclear Submarines. Following their sea trials we introduced the new Polyethylene case with peak performance of 62.9m² with an average at +1-3° of 10m²which was 21.6% more effective than the glass fibre model. Also used on Trinity House Buoys, Ostend Harbour Entrance and recently the River Rhone.
Successfully tested by QinetiQ to ISO 8729-1999 and meets RORC,ORC,ISAF 2012/13 and WCC requirements of 10M2.
NATO stock number 5840 99 812 8790
Maximum RCS 62m2 | Average RCS+/- 3 deg 10M2
Diameter 338mm
Height 720mm
Fixings 8mm
Weight 5kg
Following tests and interests from the French Navy, recents tests have been carried out by QinetiQ for response to the Nato frequencies 8 - 18 Ghz (I and J band) see below.
For linear diagram click here (New 305PE fitted with enhanced array tested to Nato frequencies I and J band)
For 5220 linear diagram click here (New 305PE fitted with enhanced array)
For 5221 linear diagram click here (New 305PE fitted with standard array)
For 56 linear diagram click here (Glass fibre model fitted with enhanced array identical to 5220)
For line drawing click here
Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, and Black PE






Custom made version of the popular EM305PE but with flat top and base used to upgrade existing buoys or top marks, marine or land hazard - mooring platforms - pedestal mounted version available etc
Used by Renewable Energies on their Water turbine off the Shetland Islands.
Standard base fixings of 4 x 12mm female fixings @ 200mm PCD -Optional top fixings to suit chosen navigation light.
Case Height 68.5 cm | Diameter 33.3 cm
Approx. Weight 7 Kg |
Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green or Black
Maximum RCS 62m2 | Average RCS+/- 3 deg 10M2
Case Height 68.5 cm | Diameter 33.3 cm
Approx. Weight 7 Kg | Standard fixings top and bottom – 4 x 12mm female fixings at 200mm PCD
Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green or Black in high quality UV resistant Virgin PE


Custom made for Trinity House. QinetiQ testing proved the Echomax 305 to give an incredible response of 12 seperate 50sq.m peaks @+/-3°@30° intervals with an astonishing peak of 63m². Trinity House are currently testing two EM305 TH reflectors on lateral buoys Black Deep-7 and Barrow-7 off Harwich.
Available in base or pedestal mount.
Length (case only): 680mm
Length (with light without pedestal): 995mm
Circular base: 400mm
Square base: 433mm
Overall Diameter: 325mm
Fixing Holes: to be specified
Weight: from 5kg depending upon array composition
Polar diagram to be added shortly
Superseded by EM305 FPMS

EM313 S2/S3

New two stack Echomax array made from 1mm stainless with provision for 25mm central rod fixing enabling easy connection of lifting eye, St. Andrews Cross etc. or navigation light. With massive QinetiQ proven maximum response of 63.1M2 and average at plus or minus three degrees of 8.4M2. Where sufficient space is available the more powerful EM313-S3 may be used
Width: 313mm (S3 - 313mm)
Height: 438mm (S3 - 660mm)
Base fixings:
4 x 8mm at 80mm centres
Weight: 4kg (S3 - 6kg)
For linear diagram click here

Echomax EM305BML & Echomax EM400BML

Customised versions of the 305 and 400 units with maximum responses of 63.1M2 and 229.3.M2 now being used by foreign navies for target use. Units illustrated utilise IMCO approved yacht navigation lights visible up to 2nm with 2 core electric cable for independent 12v supply. These lights can be substituted by any of the popular Sealite solar powered battery lanterns subject to customers specification ie Sealite SL15 1NM or SL 60 or 70 for 2NM.
The EM305BML and EM400BML are both supplied with base fixings @ 200pcd The EM305BML and EM400BML units are base fixed by 4 x 12mm female base fixings at 200 mm pcd centres.
For EM305BML line drawing click here
For EM400BML line drawing click here
Specification EM305BML EM400BML
Width 338mm 410mm
Height (ex light) 730mm 890mm
Wt 5.3kg 10.2kg
Max RCS 63.1M2 229.3M2
SPL 10.00M2 54.6M2
Fixings Top to suit to suit
Female Base Fixings 4x12mm @ 200mm pcd
Stainless Steel Pedestals
Width: top 26cm base 30cm
Height: 114cm
Wt: 10kg
Fixings top and bottom: 4x12mm @ 200mm pcd
All mounting brackets are optional extras


Developed for Scandinavian made Ice buoy to give enhanced radar visibility. The picture shown has neutral PE case but these can be made in red, green or black etc.
Overall height: 885mm
Width: 410mm
Weight: with neutral PE case 6.5kg with coloured case 7.3kg
For linear diagram click here


Latest edition to the Echomax range with massive response ideal for target use.
Maximum radar cross section 361.1m2
Average RCS over +/- 3 degrees of heel = 68.1m2
Height 1055mms
Diameter 500mms
Weight according to material
Click here for Qinetiq Linear diagram